Showing August 1 - 31, 2016

Favorite Things with Guest Juror Julia Walther


Under the Scope

Put a bird on it, put a bike on it, paint those daises and pepper the whole pot with hearts as artists share the love, showing preferences in unabashed glory in the juried show, "Favorite Things" at the Torpedo Factory Art Center's Scope Gallery.


Potters are fashioning functional dishware and sculptural delights while getting to the root of things that make life good. They paint animals, carve meanings into art and get downright dirty doing what moves them, whether it be fishy, flirty or flashy.


The show was juried by Julia Walther, resident artist at Red Dirt Studio in Mt. Rainier, Md. and current teacher at George Washington University and the Art League in Alexandria, Va.

Christine Moerenhout-Hubloue


As the only ceramics gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Scope seeks to provide visitors with a variety of high quality works of clay at reasonable prices.


The striking figures created by Christine are a key feature of Scope’s exhibits.  Born in Belgium, Christine earned a graduate degree in ceramics at the Art School “de Meiboom,” in Halle, Belgium.  After moving to the U.S., she received a Certificate in Ceramics Sculpture from the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C.


As a sculptress, Christine utilizes a variety of techniques to mold clay into her fantastic creations.  She uses large slabs of clay, as well as coils to hand build and then carve her figures.  She also makes rubber and plaster molds to achieve various shapes.  Her figures range in height from 10” to 6’.  “The Three Sisters” sculpture pictured here is 27“ high, and “The Choir,” also pictured, is 25“ high and 5’ wide and is made of porcelain clay.   To express what she is trying to create with her sculptures, Christine carefully selects her glazing technique.  Generally, she applies limited glaze to the clay surface, leaving bare much of the figures and faces to achieve her stark images.  She also uses other non-glaze colorants, such as stains and oxides.  These
are particularly effective in enhancing the scratched clay surfaces in her work.


In creating her sculptures, Christine draws upon her varied cultural background as well as her interest in architectural design.  “The Three Sisters” represent Corn, Bean, and Squash based on a Native American story behind Thanksgiving.  According to an Iroquois legend, Corn, Bean, and Squash are three inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive because of their joint work, which creates fertile soil and a healthy diet.   In her sculpture, Christine wanted to capture the bold strength of the three sisters and the gift of the three sisters from Native Americans which helped early settlers survive.  The bold form of the sculpture reflects her interest in architecture.


Fluent not only in English, but in Dutch, French, German, and Spanish, Christine is a welcome resource for the many overseas visitors that come to Scope and the Torpedo Factory.


Christine has been a juried member of Scope since 1995.  She also participates in international exhibits and her work can be seen in local galleries, including The Art League and also the Spectrum and Rock Creek Park galleries in Washington, D.C.  Her sculptures are frequently selected to grace hotel lobbies and office buildings.



Three Sisters

The Choir (detail)

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