2017 Calendar

Jan 2 to 29— Feminine Forms: Beauty & Strength— Channeling an inner Earth mama, potters celebrate the fairer sex in artistry. Whether it be womanly curves or a Venus figure that echoes Eve, artists elevate females, exploring the wonder of women. With the Kiln Club


Feb 3 to March 5— Customer Appreciation: Welcome to Our World— Learn about firings and factoids about the ceramic process as clay artists invite appreciators and patrons to come with questions of clay. Artist meet and greet during the Art League Paton's show event and enter our annual Raku Raffle of potter Klaudia Levin's dramatic burnt sapphire vase. In conjunction with Art League's Patrons show. With the Ceramic Guild


March 6 to April 2— Digging Deep— A celebration of parks, gardens and open spaces, artists elevate the natural earthiness of the clay surface, exploring natural world. Flower and plant motifs adorn forms and celebrate the Earth's awakening to Spring. Includes promotional information on local parks and activities. With the Kiln Club


April 3 to 30—Round About: Carousel of Critters— Focuses on the furry, feathery and everything in-between. Trot, prance and scurry to embrace artisan animalia. In conjunction with Bunnyfest. With the Ceramic Guild


May 1 to 29— Better than Brunch: Mother's Day Originals— If Mom is yearning for more than eggs beni in bed and wants something classier than the classic chocolates and flowers, give her original keepsakes handmade from ceramic artists. Potters make vases for floral tokens year round, trinket boxes for treasures, presentation platters and brilliant bowls to brag about. With the Kiln Club


May 30 to July 2— Classic Wedding Whites— Tidy the whites with fresh-from-the-oven snowy ceramics. They blend with anything, present glowing silhouettes and have a spotless reputation as the perfect wedding, anniversary and engagement gift. With the Ceramic Guild


July 3 to 30— Rough Around the Edges— The Gallery goes retro, embracing acid wash with distressed dishware that elevates creative irregularity. Vases go vintage and teacups are throwback in this millennial milieu. With the Kiln Club


July 31 to September 3— Flexibility in Clay: Gymnastics and GyrationsPotters show an array of possibilities in the medium of clay. Potters play with clay, shaping, molding and stretching dramatically beyond in a medium with imagination. With the Ceramic Guild


September 4 to October 1– Table for Two— Artists take themselves out to lunch as they craft work made for two. Intimate and paired work does a pas de deux with pottery, fashioning sets of shakers, sugar and creamers and tea ware for two. Romantic patterns, cozy bowls and compact servers make it a date. With the Ceramic Guild


October 2 to 29— Hip to be Square— Clay artists review geometry and show crisp edges as they consider a different angle to art. Thinking

beyond the circle, artistry turns obtuse, acute or charmingly cubist. Consider cornered clay work in dishware, decorative forms and sculpture.

With the Kiln Club


October 30 to November 26— Supersized: Dish Up— American eating does it big, and Thanksgiving is the empress of excess. Artists stuff the Gallery with pottery big and tall. Platters are fatter, gravy boats grow and everything is more ambitious. In conjunction with Art League's Tabletop show. With the Ceramic Guild


November 27 to December 31— Naughty & Nice Both rebels and goody two-shoes will find something gifty at the Gallery as Kris Kringle goes crazy with clay. Elves are filling shelves with edgy and traditional work, translating Feliz Navidad into funky and fun surprises. With the Kiln Club

Scope Gallery

Torpedo Factory Art Center

105 N. Union St.

Ground Floor, Studio 19

Alexandria, Va 22314.

Phone: 703-548-6288


10 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily

Thursday: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.


Check the Torpedo Factory website for early closings for private events at www.torpedofactory.org/todays-hours/

Scope Gallery is a cooperative gallery shared by two of the oldest ceramic organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. The Kiln Club and the Ceramic Guild alternate months in this shared space. See calendar page for 2017 gallery schedule.