2019 Calendar

January 2 – 27 — Communal TableWelcome diversity into the home with a selection of pottery that shows the scope of clay art around the world. Potters share pieces with a range of global cultural influences, offering seats at an international communal table. With the Kiln Club


January 28 – February 24—Twittery Tweets — Artists interpret the quirks of communication in this unfiltered take on the king of quips on social media. Creations range from literal put-a-bird-on-it pots to new work, introducing pieces fresh from the kiln that inspire conversation. Patrons also have the chance to win a handmade piece as part of our annual customer appreciation raffle for our loyal and creative local consumers. For this interactive show, fans are encouraged to retweet favorites and follow us @Scopegallery! In conjunction with the Art League Gallery’s Patrons Show on Dec. 17; With the Ceramic Guild


March 1 – 31 — Garden Party — Ring in Spring al fresco style with tableware and clay art that brings the outdoors in. Local potters make vases and planters for a floral fiesta. Handpainted and impressed pieces show blooms, foliage and herbals. Pick up pottery servers for veggies and bowls for salads and platters for fruit. In conjunction with Cherry Blossom Week; With the Kiln Club

April 1–28 — Masquerade in Mud — Things are not what they seem with a medium that is so elastic and plastic it can masterfully mimic other materials. Spinning is in as pots are made to look wooden, marbleized and made of glass. Surfaces appear cosmic or environmental, metallic or made of paper. Clay is interpretive, showing a range of possibilities. In conjunction with the Art League Gallery’s Mixed Media show; With the Ceramic Guild


April 29 – May 26 — Weekends — Looking toward the end of the week, prep with pep for the special events that call for mementos. Handmade ceramics mark a wedding, graduation, anniversary and birthday with style. Bring an event heirloom as housewarming welcome, bridal shower present or baby gift. Pottery offers one-of-a-kind pieces for a one-time event, a unique pairing! In conjunction with Celebrating Alexandria; With the Kiln Club


May 27 – June 30 — Taste the Rainbow — Getting vivid, as glossy and glassy as can be, potters celebrate Pride Week with an array of glazes. See dishes with daring flare, striking sculptural statements and lively decorative forms. See the ‘pot’ ential of pottery as we stretch color to the edge of edgy. In conduction with Capitol Pride Week; With the Ceramic Guild


July 1 – August 4 — SiestaWare — Take a break from the hustle and bustle and relax with the calming influences of clay. Soft colors, rounded contours and reclining forms star in this dreamy collection. Clay artists meditate on artistry with tactile handmade pieces to soothe a mood and add some bliss to break the busy. With the Kiln Club


August 5 – September 1 — Piercings, Clay Body Art and Carving — Get racy and stay on pace with a study of alt external experimentation including brushwork, dynamic carved textures and peek-a-boo pierced pieces. Leather-like surfaces and transfer images make iconic, ironic art. Clay becomes less hippie and more hipster as artists go epic with an aggressive take on decoration outside the bowl. In conjunction with the Art League Gallery’s Tabletop show. With the Ceramic Guild


September 2 – September 29 — Patterns & Prints — Splashy surface decoration is etched in stone in a tribute to motifs and designs. Textures leave lasting impressions and original ornamentation creates a maker’s mark. From hand painted surfaces to decal compositions, artists give rapt attention to the details of detailing. Why be plain when it can be patterned? Our educational show of striping, dotting, trailing, hatching and illustrative aspects are all included and explained. With the Ceramic Guild


September 30–October 27 — Emotional Support: Animals — Anthropomorphism runs rampant in an artists’ presentation of furry, fuzzy, feathery friends in clay. Potters love their pets, and express adoration of all things animal on bowls, plates and in sculpture. While some might not give a whisker, we do! Browse art and bring Fido as we present our pots and introduce our four-footed muses, workshop/household companions and managers. In conjunction with Art Safari; With the Kiln Cub


October 28 – December 1 — At your Service— Servers are centerpieces of presentation, the belles of the ball or at least the foundation of the main course. Whether a pedestal cake plate, a pasta bowl or a gracious platter, serving pieces frame food and add artistry to tablescape. Everything from hors d’oeuvre tray to cookie plate are on the menu. Let a gracious creation welcome your guests! With the Ceramic Guild


December 2–31 — Embellish and Accessorize — Whether a white Christmas or an azure-themed Hannakah, dress up the day with ceramic ornaments, dishware, vases and centerpieces creating a huge holiday impression. Exceed standards by gifting heartfelt handmade work from local artists while presenting a spread laden with creative dishware and decorative vases, candlesticks or whimsical sculpture. Start a tradition of original art associated with the occasion, complete with heirloom treasures. With the Kiln Cub


Scope Gallery

Torpedo Factory Art Center

105 N. Union St.

Ground Floor, Studio 19

Alexandria, Va 22314.

Phone: 703-548-6288


10 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily

Thursday: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.


Check the Torpedo Factory website for early closings for private events at www.torpedofactory.org/todays-hours/

Scope Gallery is a cooperative gallery shared by two of the oldest ceramic organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. The Kiln Club and the Ceramic Guild alternate months in this shared space. See calendar page for 2017 gallery schedule.