2021 Calendar


Small Delights

January 1 - January 31

Enjoy an up close, personal look at work by artists working in a smaller scale. Trays with crystalline glazes entice you to pick them up for closer study of the minute crystals formed during firing. Vases that that mimic a tree trunk on close inspection might reveal a tiny ladybug crawling up the trunk. It’s the details that make these objects deserve a second look. Featuring the Kiln Club.


Embellished Surfaces

February 5 – February 28

A smorgasbord of surfaces abound in this show. Scope artists might emboss curlicue designs onto the surface of a slab before building a form while others scratch into the leatherhard surface to create linear details. Glazes are formulated to create crystals while others are layered to create depth. Slip trailing raises from the surface and underglaze painting might tell a story. Featuring the Ceramic Guild.


Bowled Over

March 1 – March 28

Artist made containers for everything from apples to zucchini casserole. Pasta, salads, mashed potatoes, soup, cereal, apples, and more reveal their culinary splendor when enveloped by a handmade ceramic bowl. Featuring the Kiln Club.


Environmentally Aware

March 29 – May 2

Forget the paper and styrofoam plates, bowls and cups and support the environment this month by choosing handmade ceramic items for your table. In recognition of Earth Day 2021 ten percent of April’s sales will be donated to an environmental cause TBD. Featuring the Ceramic Guild.


Flourishing Forms

May 3 – May 30

Spring is in the air, flowers are flourishing and a legion of various forms fill the gallery this month to showcase their beauty.  Mothers everywhere will be receiving flowers and what better way to present them to her than in a handcrafted vase. Featuring the Kiln Club.


Atmospheres: Gas, Salt, Wood, Soda, Raku

May 31 - June 27

Scope artists use a variety of firing techniques to create their ceramic art. Each technique offers its own beauty, challenges, and surprises. This show will demonstrate the differences that gas-, salt-, wood-, soda-. and raku firings bring to a given work. Featuring the Ceramic Guild.


Off the Table

June 28 – August 1

Ceramic work is not just for the table - walls, countertops, mantles, bookcases can display a myriad of forms. Vases can double as your mail inbox or contain your wooden spoon collection on the kitchen counter, plates with drawings as detailed as a woodblock print can be hung on the wall. Sculptures are for the side table in your living room. Scope artists offerings can be as diverse as your imagination. Featuring the Kiln Club.


Summer is Served

August 2 – August 29

Summer is celebrated in many shapes and designs — mugs with colors reminiscent of the ocean, vases with images of fish, birds and even insects. Present your abundance from the summer garden with handcrafted bowls for peaches, platters for slices of watermelon, berry bowls for the plethora of raspberries. Featuring the Ceramic Guild.


Celebrating Ceramic Diversity

August 30 – October 3

Diversity in ceramics takes many forms: the type of clay; forming methods from wheel-thrown to hand-built or slip-cast; decorating techniques as varied as sgraffito, underglaze painting, and slip trailing; to a dramatic range of glazing and firing methods. Both functional and sculptural forms are presented in this exhibit featuring the Ceramic Guild.



October 4-October 31

October will be a Scope-tacular month at the gallery with an array of work both sculptural and functional. Whimsical, realistic, and sometimes anthropomorphic: pigs, cats, fish and birds and more will be making an appearance. There may not be any vampires but watch out for black cats. Featuring the Kiln Club.



November 1- November 28

Scope Gallery’s offerings this month will feature functional work to enliven your home and table. A butterdish featuring delicate slip-trailed designs, plates for serving olives, stoneware salt cellars are just some of the unusual functional ware you can find at the gallery. Featuring the Ceramic Guild.


Singular Sensations

November 29 – January 2

Perfect for gift giving, every item at Scope is one of a kind ­­— from mugs to sculpture each artist brings to their work in clay unique and individual approaches to creating a piece to cherish. There are also ornaments for your tree or window. Your friends, family, colleagues will be receiving a unique work of art this holiday season when shopping at the gallery. Featuring the Kiln Club.



Scope Gallery

Torpedo Factory Art Center

105 N. Union St.

Ground Floor, Studio 19

Alexandria, Va 22314.

Phone: 703-548-6288

Winter 2021 Hours:

11:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Wednesday - Sunday


Check the Torpedo Factory website for any changes to the building open hours. www.torpedofactory.org/todays-hours/

Scope Gallery is a cooperative gallery shared by two of the oldest ceramic organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. The Kiln Club and the Ceramic Guild alternate months in this shared space. See calendar page for 2017 gallery schedule.