2022 Calendar

January  5 - 30

Kitchen Helpers

Start the new year off with a kitchen upgrade!  Garlic keepers, berry colanders, herb strippers, salt and pepper shakers, and butter dishes are some of the more unusual kitchen items by local artists that will be featured this month in the gallery. With the Ceramic Guild.


February  2 - 27

Winter Warmers

Warm someone’s heart (or belly) this February with the gift of a handmade mug. Enjoy your morning coffee, tea-time in the afternoon, hot chocolate after a snowball fight, or soup for dinner with a handcrafted mug by a local artist.  With the Kiln Club.


March 2 - 27

Handle It

Every day brings so many things for us to ‘handle’ — take a break from the demands of the day and check out the handles on our pottery. Handles while expected on a mug or a spoon they can also adorn bowls, vases, casserole dish or platters. Left-handed? There are mugs with handles designed especially for you. With the Ceramic Guild.


March 30 - April 24 

Natural Wonder

The spring bird migration is starting, cherry trees are blooming and Scope artists bring inspiration from the natural world to their work. Flowers, birds, fish, and other creatures are interpreted in a range of styles: realistic and anthropomorphic; sculptural and functional. With the Kiln Club.


April 27 - May 29

Blooms Abounding

Spring is popping out all over and cut flowers need a place to reside in your home. From small bud vases to tall forms perfect for an arrangement of lilies, vases for spring flowers are the highlight of the show this month at Scope Gallery. Showcase that gift of flowers for Mother’s Day in a handmade vase that she will enjoy for years. With the Ceramic Guild.


May 30 - July 3

The Painted Form

Clay, perhaps more than any other medium, offers a surface that is versatile, challenging, and remarkable in many ways. Using underglaze, stains, and glazing techniques ceramic artists ‘paint’ the surface of their forms — functional and sculptural ­— with abstract and realistic imagery. Painted surfaces might be decorative or a narrative bringing a story to the form. With the Kiln Club.


July 5 - 31

Alternate Firings

Explore different firing techniques: wood, soda, raku, and crystalline.

Scope artists use a variety of firing techniques to create their ceramic art. Each technique offers its own beauty, challenges, and surprises. With the Ceramic Guild.


August 1 - 28

Summer Colors

Using underglazes, stains, glazes artists embellish the surface of their forms - functional and sculptural with abstract and realistic imagery. With the Kiln Club.


August 29 - October 2


Come see what inspires our artists this month. From wrens outside a kitchen window to paintings by Picasso ceramic artists are inspired by a variety of sources. With the Kiln Club.


October 3 - November 6

Pot Luck!

Were you invited to bring your favorite green bean salad to your friends pot luck dinner but want to make it special? Choose a handcrafted bowl from a local artist to showcase your dish. In conjunction with Art Safari. With the Ceramic Guild.


November 7 - December 4

FUNction Reigns Supreme

Functional work abounds in this show with unique pieces that will pique your interest and bring a new look to your favorite dish. Our ornament boutique will be front and center beginning mid Nov. With the KIln Club.


December 5 - January 1

Share the Joy

To go into your studio and spend time creating something you love and hope others will enjoy is one of the motivators for ceramic artists. Choose a handcrafted item that you love to share with someone on your gift list. Donation to an Alexandria food bank. With the Ceramic Guild.




Scope Gallery

Torpedo Factory Art Center

105 N. Union St.

Ground Floor, Studio 19

Alexandria, Va 22314

Phone: 703-548-6288


11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Saturday - Sunday


Check the Torpedo Factory website for any changes to the building open hours. www.torpedofactory.org/todays-hours/

Scope Gallery is a cooperative gallery shared by two of the oldest ceramic organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. The Kiln Club and the Ceramic Guild alternate months in this shared space. See calendar page for 2017 gallery schedule.