2023 Calendar

January 2 - 29 Kiln Club

Miniature Marvels

Scale is one of the elements of design that an artist considers when creating a their forms. It is an element that can surprise a viewer with its attention to detail that then requires a closer inspection. A mug might be thimble-sized, a diminutive vase might hold a single flower, a small sculpture of a fox will astound. Crystals formed during the glazing process will amaze.



February 2 - 26 Ceramic Guild

Morning Rituals

You arise and head to the kitchen to start brewing the coffee or heating the kettle for your cup of Oolong tea every morning. Then you might have a bowl of steelcut oatmeal or a slice of whole grain toast with butter along with some fruit. Elevate these daily rituals into something special this year by using a handmade mug, bowl, plate or butterdish created by a local artisan. For Valentines Day surprise a loved one with something that reminds them of you as they start their day.



February 27 -  March 26 Kiln Club


Departures can bring to mind travel and adventure. In the history of art, many travel to different places for renewed inspiration, novel techniques, and new subject matter or they might contemplate the art and nature they see daily to take them in a new direction. Scope artists have been tasked to try something new this month. To have “a change in latitude, a change in attitude,” as Jimmy Buffet would say. This month, departing from their familiar creations, Scope artists present novel creations. From sculptures to tableware, from jewelry to singular forms new ideas abound.


March 27 - April 23 Ceramic Guild

A Cheery Cherry Jubilee

It is springtime in the Washington, DC area and Cherry Blossoms are being celebrated. Scope artists commemorate with objects both cherry and cheery. Bowls feature cherry blossoms, work with a color schemes of cherry red, pink or white. Serving pieces hold a slice of (or whole) cherry pie and a colander can rinse your cherries. Cherries can be blossoms and more. Let humor reign on your parade!



April 24 - May 28 Kiln Club


A profusion of vases occupy the gallery this month as flowers flourish. From a single bloom to a large bouquet there are vases in a variety of shapes, colors and size for you to showcase the beauty of Spring in your home. Mothers everywhere will be receiving flowers and what better way to present them to her than in a handcrafted vase.



May 29 - June 25 Ceramic Guild


Participating in a celebration of Pride Month, Scope artists show their diversity. Not just a rainbow of brilliant colors, but a rich range of artistic methods, forms, and statements. Some express their individuality in dramatic lusters and crystalline form. Some, with wit and words and delicate incising. Still others offer their singular vision with sculptural objects.



June 26 - July 30 Kiln Club


From the first examples of artistic expression—cave paintings, masks, headdresses, drinking vessels, sacred objects—representations of animals have been central. Our ancestors had a closer relationship with their fellow creatures, but even today, artists find an undeniable connection to the animal kingdom they co-inhabit. August’s exhibit showcases work of the wild world, the domesticated world, the fellow inhabitants that inspire awe, haunt our imaginations, and celebrate the myriad life forms on our small planet.


July 31 - August 27 Ceramic Guild

Alternative Firings II

Scope artists take various forms of the ceramic medium—some chemistry of ground-up rocks, minerals, and water—to create works that have widely different properties and finishes. Consider tossing rock salt into a red-hot kiln, horsehair on a vessels just lifted from the kiln, placing an object straight from the glowing kiln into a bed of straw, sawdust, or even seaweed. This August, our artists demonstrate the results of firings with salt, soda, raku kilns, smoke firing, and other ingenuous techniques.



August 28 - October 1 Ceramic Guild


Every house likely holds a showstopper. A conversation piece. A work that reigns from a place of honor. September’s exhibit features some of the largest and most lavish pieces created by our artists. Inimitable. Surprising. Arresting. Glorious. Works in every style of ceramics will be vying for your attention.



October 2 - 29 Kiln Club

Hands On

The art of ceramics is a combination of making mud pies and crushing rocks. Clay is a refined mud pie. But creative hands-on play is hardly confined to childhood. From coiling, working with slabs to throwing on the potter’s wheel the tactile and malleable properties of clay is what draws the ceramic artist to use this medium. From mud pies come unlimited forms in a range of finishes.


Come to the gallery this month during Arts Safari (date to be determined)and touch the clay that ceramic artists use in creating their work and see what it means to ‘pinch a pot’.



October 30 - December 3 Ceramic Guild

Delec-table: Tableware

Fall is a gathering. Raking leaves, to be sure, but also assembling in front of a fire or around a table. Thanksgiving, of course, may be the pinnacle of gathering. And yet’s it’s not just family and friends and food that provide the pleasure: It’s the tableware itself. The legacy of an gift reappearing, an ancestors cherished cake stand or cruet returning. Scope artists focus on functional ware that showcase a family recipe and hoping that the dish you choose becomes a cherished family heirloom.



December 4 - 31 Kiln Club

Sharing in the Delight of the Season

The very nature of art it to share. Something created presented to others who might appreciate. The holiday season simply underscores this most human interchange. Gifting, whether an ornament or a whimsical sculpture, a functional pasta bowl or a mug, is a sacred transaction, a one-of-a-kind joy. Objects worthy of gifting are central to our December exhibit. Scope will share in the season by making a donation from all sales to the XX food bank.



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Scope Gallery is a cooperative gallery shared by two of the oldest ceramic organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. The Kiln Club and the Ceramic Guild alternate months in this shared space. See calendar page for 2017 gallery schedule.